Welcome to the Guraldian WikiEdit

The Guraldian wiki is a wiki about an alien race called guraldians. There are many pages about them, their allies, their world, and their universe.

We're making a massive, collaborative, sci-fi universe!

Because this is a wiki, you are free to edit pretty much anything! Now, if you have any good ideas, this is the place!

If you want to help out, and you know how to make infoboxes, check out Project Taxonomy.


  • Don't steal someone else's work.
  • Try to keep the amount of non-original art to a minimum.
  • Don't think you're too lazy to make infoboxes and images.
  • Try to keep stuff PG to PG-13 if you can.
  • Don't spam.
  • Keep all your tests to the 'Sandbox' page.
  • Don't advertise beyond saying something like 'Oh hey! This website is cool! (Link)' on your userpage.
  • You CAN make original artwork.
  • You CAN edit pretty much any page unless it's protected or there's a note saying you can't. If they didn't make it clear, it's THEIR fault.
  • You CAN ask for admin at my page, but don't spam me with it.

Latest activityEdit

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